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Loverboy by: Lighthouse Productions


by: Lighthouse Productions

Loverboy was originally conceived as a multiplayer internet sperm-racing game, in which people would use either an existing character or create their own (a la Mr Potato Head).

The producing company, Lighthouse Productions, is a film and television production company that has been in business over thirty years.  Films produced by founding partner and academy award winner Michael Phillips include The Sting, Taxi Driver, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind .

Director Steve Montiglio's initial connection to Lighthouse was as a concept artist and screenwriter on a feature film project.  He has subsequently designed and animated a 4 minute “Loverboy” short film and has just completed six one-minute vignettes, which have been licensed to a UK company for cell-phone distribution.

Executive Producer John Frank Rosenblum has written, produced or acted as consultant on numerous film, television and gaming projects including: South Park, Doctor Who, and Star Trek: The Next Generation

As “Loverboy” develops, its potential for exploitation in different markets is becoming evident and may eventually include television, features and console videogames.


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